I need to update translation file only for checkout page , so how can I do that . I don't want to use translation file which is use in theme folder.


You can specify the module name as Vendor_Module in front of the phrase and its translation in the csv.

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In your csv file, you should write for module:

"Original phrase","Translation",module,Vendor_Module

don't change "module". just phrases and Vendor_Module. "module" here, as you understand, shows for magento where translation must be applied

PS: if you want to use translation for theme, you can do this:

"Original phrase","Translation",theme,frontend/Magento/luma

where frontend/Magento/luma - path to theme

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    its not working , i have use csv as below, Order Total,Grand Total:,module,Magento_Checkout this changes is also applied on order history page – Camit1dk Dec 19 '17 at 12:51
  • i haven't check this, but i have an idea. Not sure, that it is good way... Try to override template, which displays this part with "Order Total". Then in your module in csv file: "Order Total","Grand Total:",module,Vendor_Module This translation will applied only for this phrase in your module, and it will not applied to history page. Please, let me know, is it helps or not. THX. – Anny Dec 20 '17 at 10:14

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