A new patch (SUPEE-10497) is available for merchants using Magento Open Source This patch replaces SUPEE-10266 (released September 14, 2017) and SUPEE-10415 (released November 28, 2017).

Do I need to patch?

This issue affects users of Magento Open Source only. Users of Magento Commerce, or any other version of Magento Open Source, are not affected.

This patch combines SUPEE-10415 and SUPEE-10266 for Magento Open Source To install, remove both patches first then install SUPEE-10497.


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Most recent patch installed follow some Action required. It is only for Magento version

SUPEE-10266 - Remove this patch, and install SUPEE-10497.

SUPEE-10415 - Remove this patch and SUPEE-10266, and install SUPEE-10497.

SUPEE-9767 - No need to remove this patch. Just install patch bundle SUPEE-10497

How to apply and revert patch?

Please follow the Magento document


For more reference :

Security Patch SUPEE-10415 - Possible Issues?

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