I need to give free shipping to the selecetd city if the order above RS.500 also the city is selected city then the free shipping will be applied.

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Out of the box Magento 1.x does not offer the ability to target a specific city with a shopping cart promotion. However, depending on your target region/city you could use a postal code. For example, In the United States, La Crosse WI has 3 possible postal codes, 54601, 54602, 54603.

You could set free shipping to this area by setting the conditional rule of:

If ALL  of these conditions are TRUE :
Shipping Postcode  is one of  54601,54602,54603 
Subtotal  equals or greater than  500  

Then in the Actions tab set:

Free Shipping Shipment with Matching Items

Now, unfortunately this will not work if the country/city you are targeting does not have a specific postal code you can target.

  • Yea, you are right, but when I select the subtotal condition the entire page refreshes and mis the context, what should i do Mar 12, 2019 at 13:45

You can use magento table rate for this

You can use tablerate as price vs destination

Take a look this tutorial


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