The string */?> (asterisk slash question-mark greater-than) is appearing in my texts after moving a magento installation over to my own ubuntu server (It previously was on an OVH shared server).

strange string appearing in text

It looks like a php end tag, but I don't understand why. I have not changed any file when transferring my installation, and when it was hosted on the previous server, I had none of these issues. I thought it could be line-endings, and tried using dos2unix, but I'm not sure It did anything.

I remember changing a setting about line-endings in my IDE (phpstorm) recently, which is why I thought about it, and I don't see what else it could be.


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It may depend on "short tags" being disabled on your new server.

In Magento1 you shoud always use <?php and you probably have just <? inside that template.

You can fix it (best option) or ask for your new provider to enable short tags.

  • That was it! I had to try a few times (multiple php.ini files and multiple lines with "short_open_tag" to enable), restarted my server and it's good now. I guess OVH turns short tags on by default. I also realized the */ was the end of comments, because weirdly most of the times I used the short_tags was to be able to use the /**/ syntax. Commented Dec 8, 2017 at 15:09

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