I am new to Magento 2. I created a new module using:
Create Basic module Magento 2 - Inchoo

Once it was implemented then by default the module was enabled.
My question is how by default we can disable the module at first. Without the following steps:
1. Without editing app/etc/config.php.
2. Without command line

bin/magento module:disable Test_Helloworld

In Magento 1 we had option to disable a module by default by setting active as false in app\etc\modules\Test_Helloworld.xml. Is this option not exist in Magento 2.

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Well in Magento 1 - When you are creating new module , you actually not running any command to installed/enabled it. Its automatically started working.

While in Magento 2 - Whenever you are preparing any new module - you need to run php bin/magento setup:upgrade command to installed it.

So basically there is not module level settings is available to disabled that module. Magento has replaced that functionality to app/etc/config.php from where you can disabled module manually by changing its status 0 to 1. Or you can disabled it by running command which you mention above.

Even though if you look at Magento Core Modules they have also follows the same structure.

Note : Magento 2 etc/module.xml have only 2 major things are there one is module name and second one is sequence tag which is sometimes necessary.

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    Thanks @ManthanDave for the information.
    – Raghu
    Dec 12, 2019 at 6:18

In M2, You can do it by the above two methods only. There is no other method to disable module.

  • Thanks @BornCoder.
    – Raghu
    Dec 12, 2019 at 6:18

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