We're integrating with Magento2 and everything works good when we have customer logged in. As our client requested us to allow user to register/login only when checkout, we faced some problem:

  1. We managed to call /V1/carts/ and created the cart
  2. We also managed to add items into guestcart by calling "/V1/carts/$QUOTE_ID/items"
  3. But when we redirect user to "/checkout/cart" page, it show empty items on our cart. This works great when we have customer logged in

May I know if there is a guest checkout URL which we should redirects guest to, by specifying the QUOTEID so system can retrieve the list of items?

Please help. Thank you.

  • Any idea anyone? Why I can't find any documentation regarding this? I tried another way to use guest-carts: a) I called /V1/guest-carts/ to get the cart key b) Then, I called /V1/guest-carts/cart-key/items to store the item, and items are added with quote_id & item_id returned c) but when I redirect to /checkout/cart/, same issue happened!! So where should I redirect user to? HELP!! – user61655 Dec 11 '17 at 1:05

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