I support a Magento store (on version 1.9). I changed the doctype to HTML 5 using the HTML5 head identifier.

I then removed the 'type ="text/javasscript" from all of my pages, files, scripts etc, since this is no longer necessary for HTML5.

However, when running the W3C validator (https://validator.w3.org) it shows that there is still an instance of a script tag containing "text/javascript" whereas when running a 'view page source' of this page there is no reference to this.

My site is: https://www.edgestickers.co.uk

What is causing the w3c validator to still pick up a reference to "text/javascript"?

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I took a a look in your page in your page source and found this near the end of the page.

<script type="text/javascript">
    /* <![CDATA[ */
    function allowSaveCookie() {
        Mage.Cookies.set('user_allowed_save_cookie', '{"1":1}', new Date(new Date().getTime() + 31536000 * 1000));
        if (Mage.Cookies.get('user_allowed_save_cookie')) {
        } else {
            window.location.href = 'https://www.edgestickers.co.uk/cms/index/noCookies/';
    /* ]]> */

So, to answer your question to why the w3 validator is reporting a type="text/javascript"... because there is one.

  • Thank you. I now realise that I had to be in 'Incognito' mode and view the page source from there to see this extra piece of code displayed. Much appreciated!
    – Matt Cooke
    Dec 6, 2017 at 22:12

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