How can I show unchecked Save in address book at checkout when adding new shipping address?

Please suggest me.

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I don't know which onestepcheckout you are using. But you can check in core checkout how it works refer below files


    <!-- ko if: (isCustomerLoggedIn) -->
    <div class="field choice" data-bind="visible: !isFormInline">
        <input type="checkbox" class="checkbox" id="shipping-save-in-address-book" data-bind="checked: saveInAddressBook" />
        <label class="label" for="shipping-save-in-address-book">
            <span data-bind="i18n: 'Save in address book'"></span>
    <!-- /ko -->

In above code the checkbox value is bind data-bind="checked: saveInAddressBook" /> This value is set in shipping.js file


    isNewAddressAdded: ko.observable(false),
    saveInAddressBook: 1, //Change this value to 0

Redeploy your static content

clear cache and check

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