Can't locate Magento 1.9 cache anywhere on FTP. Any ideas how to find it?

Of course I've already checked the usual places like /var/cache but it's just not there. Any ideas on how to find it?


There is no proper permission in /var/cache folder it is not stored in Magento root path /var/cache. it will store in /tmp/magento/var/cache. Please check it.

Hope it will helpful for you.

  • That directory exists on my server, but there is nothing in it. Still trying to find where cache files are stored. – James Dec 5 '17 at 20:26
  • any other cache you are installed in your server? or what are folder are available in tmp? – Rama Chandran M Dec 5 '17 at 20:31


You should first verify if cache is enabled at all. If it is, but your hosting for some reason does not allow writing in your applicatios ./var directory (as it was mentioned before), the cache will be saved in /tmp


If it is enabled, yet, not saved anywhere on file system, see if you are using Redis for caching. (see local.xml)

Disclaimer: If you use some hosting that sets up environment for you and you don't really know what's there, might as well be that it is configured to use Redis

The usual side effect of Redis is that general folders like var/cache/, var/full_page are created but have no content at all

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