1. In language switcher when i switch from the default storeview (French in my example) to English, the url changes to: https://example.com/?___store=en
  2. Using the language switcher in the header, switch again from English to French, the url changes to: https://example.com/?___store=en?___store=fr and the shop crashes

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Go to vendor/magento/module-store/Model/Store.php

Change this line from:

$requestString = $this->_url->escape(ltrim($this->_request->getRequestString(), '/'));


$requestString = $this->_url->escape(ltrim($this->_request->getOriginalPathInfo(), '/'));

You can find this line on 1139

This is magento2.2 default issue


The issue is tracked and solved.

For now, if you want, you could go in

magento2/app/code/Magento/Store/Model/Store.php (Magento installation by Github)


vendor/magento/module-store/Model/Store.php (Magento installation by composer)

and replace the second row in

public function getCurrentUrl($fromStore = true)

$requestString = $this->_url->escape(ltrim($this->_request->getRequestString(), '/'));


$requestString = $this->_url->escape(
        ltrim($this->_request->getRequestString(), '/')

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