I have a remote API that will validate existing customers' credentials and log them into Magento 2 customers' area.

The target flow is the following:

  • Customer visits Magento site
  • Fills in username and password
  • Submit the form
  • Magento will call the API that looks something like this:


  • If the credentials are correct, the API will return a json object with user details. Like email, first name, last name...etc
  • The customer is logged into Magento.

I figured I need a custom module for this, my confusing is:

  • Can I leverage existing Magento login form, or do I need to create my own form + URL + blocks/templates.
  • The custom form will have it's Controller that will do all this logic, or is there a way to hook into existing login controller.
  • I have to create a user in Magento DB as well.

Thanks in advance.

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