Patched Magento Open Source with SUPEE-10415.


Formkey validation on checkout disabled. This may expose security risks. We strongly recommend to Enable Form Key Validation On Checkout in Admin / Security Section, for protect your own checkout process. still appears.

What to do?

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You still need to enable the form key validation on the checkout as per SUPEE-9767/Magento Login to admin and go to:

System > Configuration > Advanced/Admin > Security > Enable Form Key Validation On Checkout >> Yes

Warning You will need to ensure any custom templates have the formkey outputted otherwise your checkout process will not work.

Please refer to Checkout form keys on https://magento.stackexchange.com/a/176958/41117 for more information


Make sure you have added a patch and added a Form key in all checkout phtml files which is using form tag.

Go to System->Configuration->Advanced->Admin and set Enable Form Key Validation On Checkout = Yes http://ift.tt/2Ao6mTE

If any checkout has any form key is missing then your checkout should not work correctly.

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