I have updated Magento from to But after updating to this latest version, Magento is ignoring email-inline.css file for Transactional email. Because all the sales emails templates were working fine before updating but now system is not applying emial-online.css styles.
But when I write css directly in template in Magento Admin panel, than system apply those css styles.

I have already checked my settings in Admin -> configuration -> General -> Design -> Transactional Email (Non-inline CSS File) field.

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I was using composer's symlink deploy strategy for Magento install. But Magento has discard the symlink property after So as I updated to, so system was not able to fetch email-inline.css file, which is used for styling the transactional email.
app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Email/Template/Abstract.php (_getCssContent) method has been updated in post version of
$filePath = realpath($filePath); this fetch file's path from vendor folder.
$positionSkinDirectory = strpos($filePath, Mage::getBaseDir('skin')); "Mage::getBaseDir('skin')" fetch path from public folder
So in results, $positionSkinDirectory = flase
So logic will not go into if condition later in the method and it returns empty string.
Solution: Please update your composer
"extra": {
"magento-root-dir": "public",
"magento-deploystrategy": "copy"
composer reference link: https://github.com/Cotya/magento-composer-installer

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