Is it possible to inject an HTML code to a block without using modules only? Without the need to copy anything to the ./app/design/ directory? Or is it actually a normal practice for Magento 1.9 modules to also place files in the ./app/design/ directory?

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You could also add custom code/files using layout XML in your theme.

A simple example would be if in [magento-root]/app/design/[package]/[theme]/layout/local.xml, you added:

    <reference name="content">
            <block type="core/template" name="some.name" template="path/to/example.phtml" />

Any code you then put in [magento-root]/app/design/[package]/[theme]/template/path/to/example.phtml would be added to every page (the <default> handle) and it would be placed near the end of the main content (the <reference name="content"> tag).

It takes a while to learn a quick way to find the specific block that you want to add to and place your code in a specific place, but you can use this to add custom content without copying files to your theme.

A good place to start in locating the files is in Admin->System->Configuration->Advanced->Developer->Debug->Template Path Hints. Note: This can only be enabled at the website/Store View scope-level

That would give you the path for the .phtml file, then you can search for that filepath in any file under app/design/frontend/*/*/layout/ to find the name of the block/other details. For more information on layout XML, Magento DevDocs Pt 4 is a good place to start.


You can directly add scripts such as google tag manager that are to be added directly in the head and included in every page in System->Configuration->Design->Head in admin , but for more specific tasks than that you will have to work with your theme files.

And yes, it is normal practice to do so.

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