here I am again seeking for help. I've been stuck for 2 days working about this. when I'm working on localhost my website is working.

Well, after migration from localhost to my web server it gives me this kind of look:

enter image description here

All my work and products are gone.

What I just see is this mess can anyone help me to solve this problem please.

Thanks a lot in advance.


There could be different options to fix this (I believe after migration you have ran setup:upgrade and indexer already.)

First Try: Login to admin panel, Go to catalog category and save category.

if saving category doesn't fix this issue then try below :

Login to admin panel, Go to catalog Products and manually save product


First Please apply below commands:

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

php bin/magento indexer:reindex

then delete cache,page_cache and generation folder from var folder

and check is that working ?

if not then check is your database correctly imported.


I figured out the problem i just modified the following

/app/design/frontend/Sm/revo/Sm_ImageSlider/templates/default.phtml /app/code/Sm/Deals/Helper/Data.php /app/code/Sm/ListingTabs/Helper/Data.php /app/design/frontend/Sm/revo/Sm_Categories/layout/categories_index_index.xml /app/design/frontend/Sm/revo/Sm_MegaMenu/layout/megamenu_index_index.xml

thanks for the help and suggestions

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