After clicking on add to cart button the button text is not changing to adding or added.In some places its working but in product description page and we have created a featured product widget in home page in both of these places its not working.where i need to change the code for this.

  • Have you check consol or log file while this happen. – Dhiren Vasoya Nov 29 '17 at 10:14

The main file is responsible to change label Adding... and Added is


When you click on Add to Cart button It execute the submitForm function from this file,

submitForm: function (form) {
        var addToCartButton, self = this;

        if (form.has('input[type="file"]').length && form.find('input[type="file"]').val() !== '') {
            // disable 'Add to Cart' button
            addToCartButton = $(form).find(this.options.addToCartButtonSelector);
            addToCartButton.prop('disabled', true);
        } else {

And after that It execute the self.ajaxSubmit(form) funciton from the same file,

on this function you can see the line


this line is responsible for to change label Adding..

disableAddToCartButton: function (form) {
            var addToCartButtonTextWhileAdding = this.options.addToCartButtonTextWhileAdding || $t('Adding...'),
                addToCartButton = $(form).find(this.options.addToCartButtonSelector);

            addToCartButton.find('span').text(addToCartButtonTextWhileAdding); // from here it change the label
            addToCartButton.attr('title', addToCartButtonTextWhileAdding);

and after that on Ajax success function It calls the self.enableAddToCartButton(form); this function changes the label to Added

  enableAddToCartButton: function (form) {
            var addToCartButtonTextAdded = this.options.addToCartButtonTextAdded || $t('Added'),
                self = this,
                addToCartButton = $(form).find(this.options.addToCartButtonSelector);

            addToCartButton.attr('title', addToCartButtonTextAdded);

            setTimeout(function () {
                var addToCartButtonTextDefault = self.options.addToCartButtonTextDefault || $t('Add to Cart');

                addToCartButton.find('span').text(addToCartButtonTextDefault); // from here it change the label
                addToCartButton.attr('title', addToCartButtonTextDefault);
            }, 1000);

So just debug this file and location to check your Issue. Also, check console to see any error.


Take a look this file: vendor/magento/module-catalog/view/frontend/web/js/catalog-add-to-cart.js. You can see how it works.

If you wonder to know how to override it. Should use mixins

We can create a module, and then add these files:


var config = {
    config: {
        mixins: {
            'Magento_Catalog/js/catalog-add-to-cart': {
                'Vendor_Module/js/catalog-add-to-cart-mixin': true


    function ($, $t) {
        'use strict';

        return function (target) {
            $.widget('mage.catalogAddToCart', target, {
                options: {
                    addToCartButtonTextWhileAdding: $t('Adding Testing...'),
                    addToCartButtonTextAdded: $t('Added Testing'),
                    addToCartButtonTextDefault: $t('Add to Cart Testing')

            return $.mage.catalogAddToCart;

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