We are building a site for a client in WooCommerce and have come stuck on the capability (not being there)

We have some products that have up to 100,000 different variations, also with a base price and click rate

Can Magento handle this amount of variations?

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100,000 variations products in one configurable product is way too much for Magento.

Fabian Schmengler say on a forum thread on community.magento.com:

While there is no enforced limit, Magento does not handle big numbers of associated products efficiently. For example the price data for each associated product is loaded into one big JavaScript object (JSON). And database queries on the product page are another bottleneck, especially if you use the swatches feature.

We have a similar situation but with even higher numbers and are currently working on our own lightweight configurable product type.

The rough concept:

  • data for associated products is stored as flat data structure (probably a NoSQL storage): configurable attributes, price rules, skus (add more if needed)
  • optimize data in frontend to not pregenerate data for each combination (for example calculate price on the fly)
  • when a product is ordered, a real simple product based on the selection is created temporarily. This allows us to use all sales features without code changes

This is just to give you an idea that for a use case like yours you will need a customized solution.

source: https://magento.stackexchange.com/a/160236/24845

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