Can we delete var/log folder from Magento-1.9?

Will it lead to any problem?


You can delete it, it doesn't create any problem...... By default magento generates 2 files called System.log & Exception.log files reside in var/log folder to track the errors.....

also you can Disable generating new log files using below configuration :

System > Configuration > Developer > Log settings > Disable Logging

If log files are generating means, it shows the errors/warnings, so that something wrong in the site, instead of deleting you should check the errors and try to solve it when you get free time....

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These folder have log files to track the errors, You can delete them it won't create any problem. If you want to stop further log generation you can disable it from admin. At below path

System->Configuration->Advanced->Developer->Log Setting and set Enabled to No

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