So when trying to schedule a CMS update we were getting a foreign key constraint error. This was related to sequence_cms_block and cms_block.

It seems like sequence_cms_block is a single column and simply repeats block_id from the cms_block. I'm having trouble understanding the purpose of this table since these two queries appear to be equivalent:

Select block_id from cms_block

Select * from sequence_cms_block

So I'd love to understand, why does the sequence_table exist?

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It records the increment id for cms block. Create a new cms block and it will be increased by 1.


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    That does seem to be how it works, but I'm still confused on the why? SQL allows for block_id to auto-increment so why have an entirely new table just to hold the same values?
    – user59036
    Nov 22, 2017 at 14:19

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