I would have a large number of two types of products. Shirts and prints. There is a one to many relationships where one shirt can have multiple prints. The prints cannot be ordered separately but are customizable (in terms of color, price, and location). I also need to track inventory and currently have them as simple products.

Is the best way to do this in magento2 to create bundles on the fly?

Creating bundle products seems like a lot of overhead for all the different combinations. I really want to tie one simple to many for one complete product.

My thinking is when the user adds the complete product to the cart I create the bundle (based on their selections) and add that to the cart.

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Not Sure if I understood your requirement correctly, but it seems like you can use Configurable products for your requirement.

You can create configurable products. The configurable products have simple associated products. So using them you will have inventory tracked. In order to change the shirt/pant image on the click of the option chosen, you will need to buy/create Image swatch extension which will be compatible with configurable products.

There are several extension available over Magento Marketplace.

If inventory is not a concern, Magento2 comes with a feature of a Visual swatch, for custom options. But that's just if inventory is not a concern of you.

  • I have 100 different garment types and over 1000 different prints that can be put on each garment type. I need inventory on both garments and prints. Is creating a configurable the best option? It feels like a a bundle would be more appropriate since I want to package two (or more, can have 10 prints on one garment) products together to create one complete product.
    – Matt
    Nov 21, 2017 at 14:24

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