I met a problem that how to translate the module's phrase into other languages(eg. Japanese).

For example, some code may like this:


"test","Japanese character"


$form = '<h3>test</h3>';

If STORES->Configuration->Locale Options is selected with English(United States), it will show "test" to users; if Japanese(Japan) is selected, it will show "Japanese character".

I had seen the tutorial  http://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.0/frontend-dev-guide/translations/xlate.html but I'm not sure what should I do next.


2 points: You placed translate file into wrong place. The correct path should be app/code/<My_vendor>/<My_module>/i18n/jp_JP.csv.

And you didn't use __('text to translate') to parse the text to translate in template file.

So in your case, change $form = '<h3>test</h3>'; to $form = '<h3>' . __('test') . '</h3>';


Translation file path should be


You should write a translate text code in your controller


like below

$form = '<h3>' . __('test') . '</h3>';

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