How to make magento module for Cash on delivery payment method should visible only for some zip codes/pin codes and it can be check in product page also.


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add observer and doing code in

config.xml file like bwlok


and right require code in observer file


I have add this code here app/code/community/MSP/CashOnDelivery/Model/Cashondelivery.php in my costume COD and it works fine.

 public function isAvailable($quote = null)
    if ($quote) {
        // Here is the list of restricted Zip Codes
        $restrictedZips = array('201301',

        $address = $quote->isVirtual() ? $quote->getBillingAddress() : $quote->getShippingAddress();
        $customerZip = $address->getPostcode();

        if (!in_array($customerZip, $restrictedZips)) {
            return false;

return parent::isAvailable($quote);

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