What are differences between Magento 2 Community and Enterprise extensions? I am aware that there is absolutely no difference for Magento 1. But is it the same also with Magento 2?

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In General Term There is no difference between Magento2CE and Magento2EE extension.

Even though When we see on the coding side there is no logical/code wise difference between M2CE(Magento Open Source) And M2EE(Magento Commerce).

But as we know Magento Enterprise Edition have extra module/features so any third party extension which is depended on Default Enterprise edition module/functionality then you must required to purchase Enterprise Edition Extension

Note : Another possibility is depends on extension developer - sometimes they develop such kind of functionality where they detect which magento version are you using community or enterprise , that time you must go with the used Magento version extension.Otherwise it generates compatibility error and change of possibility to stop extension functionality as well

Otherwise both are same

  • So, I assume not code change with all edition either Magento Open Source or Magento Commerce prem or Magento Commerce cloud. and I can sell with all in the marketplace, right? Nov 26, 2019 at 7:49

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