Using our custom theme, we need to display Recently Viewed Products block on product detail page. We followed below approach

  • Under Admin Panel we have Content -> Widgets
  • Add Widget -> choose widget type Recently Viewed Products
  • Type = Recently Viewed Products
  • Design Theme = Assign my theme
  • Widget Title = Recently Viewed Products
  • Assign to Store Views = Select as you need
  • Sort Order = (Add as per you need) else leave empty, it will set to 0
  • Layout Updates - Add Layout Update
  • Display on = All Product Types
  • Products = All
  • Container = Main Content Area
  • Template = View Products Grid Template
  • Under Widget Options
  • Number of Products to display = 7

Now, on product detail page, recenlty viewed products in grid form can be seen. How could I achieve below

  1. Change title from Recently Viewed to Recently Viewed Products ? To customize, which template/xml file I have to extend and modify in my custom theme to achieve the same ?
  2. For product count more than 5, the product displays in second row as seen in image attached. How could I add a slider so that 5 products are seen and if more than 5 then slider will appear ? In Magento 1.9 they have a slider code. Add a class="slideshow-container" for a parent container and add class="slideshow" for a ul or ol

enter image description here

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