I have large store in Magento 2 with 1000+ attributes. So it's take very long time to reindex all data.

So I want to know that which indexer I need to run for which changes.

catalog_category_product                 Category Products
catalog_product_category                 Product Categories
catalog_product_price                    Product Price
catalog_product_attribute                Product EAV
cataloginventory_stock                   Stock
catalogrule_rule                         Catalog Rule Product
catalogrule_product                      Catalog Product Rule
catalogsearch_fulltext                   Catalog Search

Can anyone help me to know that which indexer I need to run for which changes like If i change product stock then I need to run cataloginventory_stock indexer. But I don't know about other indexer.

So anyone give me full description about these indexers?

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Here my note about Magento indexer

catalog_product_attribute - Product Attributes (If you updated attributes which are used layered navigation)

catalog_category_product - Category Products (If you added or removed products from catalog)

catalog_product_price - Product Prices (If you updated prices)

catalogsearch_fulltext - Catalog Search Index (If you updated searchable attributes of product)

catalogrule_rule - Catalog Rule Rule (If you updated condition,rule in Catalog Price Rule)

catalogrule_product - Catalog Rule Product (If you updated which product contain in rule)

Hope it help you! :)

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