I have a production instance of Magento 1.9 (www.example.com), and I have a test instance that is running on server.

In windows, I have edited my host file on my computer like below: example.com

I am now getting HTTP ERROR 500 when I try to browse the test instance by going to example.com

  • Your test instance on is probably not configured to answer requests for www.example.com domain. Even if you hit the correct ip, server needs to know which directory to serve, by using the hostname. Also Magento instance needs to be configured to use that domain. Nov 13, 2017 at 12:27

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You need to make sure that the test instance in is running without errors and make sure that the Base Url (Secure and Non Secure) in test server is configured correctly based on the accessing domain.

Also, If you configured Magento web domains with www, you should add both www and non-www in your hosts file, like below: example.com www.example.com

Hope that helps.

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