I would like to customise template of new order email. I found below codes in template

    {{trans "Thank you for your order from %store_name." store_name=$store.getFrontendName()}}
    {{trans "We are committed to provide enhance your online shopping experience. Once your package ships we will send you a tracking number."}} 
    {{trans 'You can check the status of your order by <a href="%account_url">logging into your account</a>.' account_url=$this.getUrl($store,'customer/account/',[_nosid:1]) |raw}}

I would like make bold %store_name. How can I do that ?

I would like to customize footer {{template config_path="design/email/footer_template"}} also. Where is the location of the footer ?

  • What is your Magento version? – Piyush Nov 13 '17 at 5:43
  • Thanks @Piyush for your reply. I am using Magento2 . Thanks – abu abu Nov 13 '17 at 5:50

Email templates footer file is located at below path


Note: changes in this file will reflect in all email templates.

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