Magento 2 : Saved Credit cards in a dropdown in custom payment

From the above link, i have successfully created select field with credit card details dropdown in the checkout page.Can i know how i can attach (or post that data) those details to payment object while placing order in magento2.

I have added the code in my payment model

   public function assignData(\Magento\Framework\DataObject $data)
          $post = $data->getData()['additional_data'];
          return $this;

Is the correct way?


Yes its correct method , There is 2 table quote_payment , sales_order_payment both are stored value.

quote_payment store value for quote of your cart , sales_order_payment store your order payment related information. but storing information after placing order field name is same as table field name. you are setting all information in additional_information.

add below method in test-method.js add method :

 getData: function() {
   return {
    'method': this.item.method,
    'additional_data': {

in your_html.html file (Namespace\Modulename\view\frontend\web\template\payment) :

if your payment method code is test_payment then your field id is same with like test_payment_test_field.

you get this data in payment.php file (Namespace/Modulename/Model/Payment.php)

 public function assignData(\Magento\Framework\DataObject $data)
    $post = $data->getData()['additional_data'];

Here $post is your posted form value array from checkout page.

  • I will give a try and update you – venki Nov 11 '17 at 13:08
  • Okay on Monday. – Yogesh Nov 11 '17 at 13:09
  • We are getting the $post = $data->getData()['additional_data']; but we are not using or assigning to it. – venki Nov 11 '17 at 13:30
  • Post your payment.php code – Yogesh Nov 11 '17 at 13:31
  • I have edited my question.please check – venki Nov 11 '17 at 13:39

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