This is kind of funny.

In Admin > Products > Catalog I set 2000 products per page (it now shows 999), however, the page never loads, apache2 is stuck with 100% CPU. The problem is that I cannot access this page any more.

One solution would be to change the value of products-per-page in database but I have no idea where this value could be. Another solution would be to delete the products from database and re-import them, but I'll keep that as last-hope solution.

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I managed to resolve it with the firefox developer tools.

Simply set display: none on the loading mask, restart apache2, set the "per-page" value to something lower and then reload the page

  1. Go to PHPMyAdmin
  2. Select Database
  3. Go to table ui_bookmark
  4. Find user_id and go to identifier (column) -> default (value)
  5. Copy default config and paste in to current config

I was experiencing similar issue in Chrome. I opened my backend in Firefox where it prompted a couple of times whether to stop the script or wait. I repeatedly clicked on wait, and finally all the 999 products loaded.

Then I reduced the Product listing from 999 to a lower number, say 20, and tried to access the backend from chrome & now all seems to be working fine.

  • This works with chrome as well :) Being patient seems like a reasonable solution, as the effort for this solution is minimal.
    – Leo
    Feb 22, 2020 at 1:39

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