I created on magento to admin grid module all working find . currently i have one tab i want remove this tab and form should display as full page

currently my module look like this enter image description here


After searching in Magento2 I found that by default magento2 team also create a form without tab, you can check the same in

Stores > All Stores

Open any store which you have in your webshop and you can find the same thing which you want, but still I am adding the screenshot :)

enter image description here

After digging into core I found that they have not created any layout xml file for this (at least I am not able to find it), this makes me more Interesting about this, so I checked the controller of this action and found some strange thing which I never used it before which is


It means they are adding directly content in $resultPage object. I would suggest you look into this module-backend of core. especially below files,




Just check this file I am sure that you can have something and from something you can build anything


Found the same thing in module-currency-symbol from Stores > Currency Rates

you can check belwo files for this action



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