I want to know how can i redirect a user to the Forgot Password page after exceeding the number of unsuccessful login attempts in Magento 2. Thanks.

  • Make it redirection in your Login controller but i don't know number of Unsucess attempt – Magento 2 Nov 3 '17 at 7:00
  • I have already set the number of unsuccessful attempts to 3. I just have to do the redirection. I'm new to Magento 2 btw. – Mudz7 Nov 3 '17 at 7:06
  • Override this Controller in your Module vendor/magento/module-customer/Controller/Account/LoginPost.php there you need to set forget psw url Don't edit core file – Magento 2 Nov 3 '17 at 7:22
  • Can you show me how to do that exactly? – Mudz7 Nov 3 '17 at 7:29

I have done this and it works.

                $resultRedirect = $this->resultRedirectFactory->create();
                return $resultRedirect;

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