if 2 items in cart if customer login both item should need to add cart , Both quote (before login & after login) merge and create final quote which contain all item of customer quote

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  • Please clarify question more. because magento 2.2 provide default functionality. – Yogesh Nov 2 '17 at 9:41
  • is it possible if customer login add cart items to customer cart, if possible please explain, Using REST API. – nagendra Nov 3 '17 at 6:46
  • @Yogesh My products API returns products, if i try with customer i am getting error, my url : error : snag.gy/0jbhTr.jpg can u help me – zus Oct 23 '18 at 11:05

By default, Magento 2 in API side does not provide any API for Merge guest cart with customer card when the customer is login.

But you can replace the guest cart with customer cart.

API : (/V1/carts/:cartId) 
File : vendor/magento/module-quote/Model/QuoteManagement.php
Function : public function assignCustomer($cartId, $customerId, $storeId)

But if you want to develop functionality Merge cart Live Magento web side you need to create custom API.

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