I want to add a new class inside column main div. Right now my layout in frontend is like this:

<div class="columns">
    <div class="column main">
    <div class="sidebar sidebar-additional">

this is my layout:

<layout xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="urn:magento:framework:View/Layout/etc/page_layout.xsd">
    <update handle="1column"/>
    <referenceContainer name="columns">
        <container name="div.sidebar.main" htmlTag="div" htmlClass="sidebar sidebar-main" after="main">
            <container name="sidebar.main" as="sidebar_main" label="Sidebar Main"/>
        <container name="div.sidebar.additional" htmlTag="div" htmlClass="sidebar sidebar-additional" after="div.sidebar.main">
            <container name="sidebar.additional" as="sidebar_additional" label="Sidebar Additional"/>
  • on your 2nd div where class is "column main".. you want to add one more class here , for example "test" ? – Manoj Deswal Nov 1 '17 at 8:12
  • I want to be where is MYDIV – Robert Nov 1 '17 at 8:14
  • I want to be created – Robert Nov 1 '17 at 9:03
  • let me explain you again, this <div="MYDIV"> must be inside <div class="column main"> is the magento Blank theme – Robert Nov 1 '17 at 9:08

You can try it:


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<page xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"
        <referenceContainer name="columns">
            <container name="columns.main" htmlTag="div" htmlClass="column main" before="-" />
        <referenceContainer name="main" htmlClass="class-example" />
        <move element="main" destination="columns.main" />

Replace class-example to your css class.

  • and sidebar where is? – Robert Nov 1 '17 at 9:14
  • and what I post there is the 2columns-left layout – Robert Nov 1 '17 at 9:15
  • It is layout inside your theme, it extends standard 2columns-left layout. Sidebars remain on the same places. – Evgeny Levinsky Nov 1 '17 at 9:19
  • I understand, is perfect thank you very much – Robert Nov 1 '17 at 9:22

You can try this.

Preferred way is to edit in theme's default.xml file. You may create or edit the default.xml file at path app/design/frontend/Vendor/theme/Magento_Theme/layout/default.xml

If one wants to add container div under column div, should try this.

<page xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="urn:magento:framework:View/Layout/etc/page_configuration.xsd">
           <referenceContainer name="columns">
                <container name="container" label="" htmlTag="div" htmlClass="container" />
           <move element="main" destination="container" before="-"/>

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