I am trying to create the product programatically, like this:

 $data0['name'] = 'Gundamz';
 $data0['sku'] = 'Gundamz123';
 $data0['weight'] = 2;
 $data0['status'] = 1;
 $data0['attribute_set_id'] = 4;
 $data0['tax_class_id'] = 0;
 $data0['visibility'] = 4;
 $data0['description'] = 'Gundam Blade';
 $data0['short_description'] = "Authentic Gundam Blade";
 $data0['price'] = "20033.32";

 $product = Mage::getModel('catalog/product');

but the price and weight always empty after I save the product.

Any idea, how to fix this ?


Both weight and price are decimals with a scale of 4.

Most likely it's not working because you are inserting them as strings instead of decimals. Try setting it by using:


In general it's better practice to use the setters instead of setData().

Detailed article: http://inchoo.net/magento/programming-magento/programatically-manually-creating-simple-magento-product/

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