Is there currently anyway to extend bluefoot functionality (bluefoot)? I found that its vendor folder is located at vendor/gene/bluefoot. Let's say I wanted to add another tab to the panel on the right of the wysiwyg.

If it can be extended, could I do it inside my custom theme like I would extend core magento modules? Or would it have to be altered inside the vendor folder?

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Magento modules can be used from app/code/* and from vendor directory, which used by composer.

In order to understand whether the package is a magento module, find in the root of the package the file registration.php.

If file exist and contains code like

    __DIR__ );

then it is magento module and you can use default ways (applicable to any core module) for customization (including using custom theme).

For component registration in composer package can be used files with other name (not registration.php). For get used file you can look at composer.json section autoload/files

"autoload": {
        "files": [ "mycustomfilename.php" ],
  • So theoretically, if I create a folder at app/design/adminhtml/Vendor/Theme/Gene_Bluefoot that should be the right location?
    – Metropolis
    Commented Nov 1, 2017 at 19:42

Extends Bluefoot Module in your custom Theme.


Change: Gene_Bluefoot -> Gene_BlueFoot

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