I have created a backend module on magento 2.1.6 which was working fine on the mass delete action.

After upgrading magento with version 2.1.9, now if i tried to make a mass delete i receive this next err :

Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method namespace\module\Model\ResourceModel\Post\Grid\Collection::_getAllIdsSelect();

on this function:

  public function getAllIds($limit = null, $offset = null)
        return $this->getConnection()->fetchCol($this->_getAllIdsSelect($limit, $offset), $this->_bindParams);

Does anyone know how to solve this issue?


you can add this function to your namespace\module\Model\ResourceModel\Post\Grid\Collection.php :

protected function _getAllIdsSelect($limit = null, $offset = null)
    $idsSelect = clone $this->getSelect();
    $idsSelect->columns($this->getResource()->getIdFieldName(), 'main_table');
    $idsSelect->limit($limit, $offset);
    return $idsSelect;

hopefully useful for you.

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