I am working on a website , I have installed porto 2.2.0 there are 2 issues I was unable to solve,

1) Email on order did not work.

2) I want to remove .00 from price.

I have tried many articles but all in vain.


If you have properly configured Magento 2 mailing systems, you may need to check below point:

  • Got to Stores -> Configuration -> Advanced -> System

Under Mail Sending Settings make sure Disable Email Communications is set to No. Also verify your Host and Port fields if you are using any external mailing server.

  • Got to Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Sales Emails

Under General Settings tab, choose Asynchronous sending to Disable

Under Order tab Enabled to Yes

Now clear/refresh your cache.

Hope this helps you. This solution is tested with Magento 2


Try this !!

1) First go to System > Configuration > Sales Emails and make sure that Enabled is set to Yes.

After that look in core_email_queue table. If there are entries in the table and customers/admin are not getting any emails it means cron job is not running.

More details here.

2) You could take a look at here I have never used it but I can see you can manage the decimal places and more

"Who needs cents anyway? You can display price without zero cents. Example: display 49 instead of 49.00, but leave 49.99 unchanged."

Plus it free :-)

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