I have a product that is sold in quantities of 25. If a customer orders one of the product, they actually receive 25.

However, in the warehouse, the product is not packaged in bundles of 25. When a customer places an order for 1, the warehouse ships 25 individual units.

How I can customize my inventory decrement for this product, so when a customer orders 1, the product's inventory count decreases by 25?

My client doesn't want to use the Magento's Quantity Increments tool. (For marketing reasons, they want to promote the product as a package and don't want the customer to have to enter "25" as the quantity.)


You can use a bundle product for this purpose.

In the Bundle Items section, select your existing product with a Default Qty of 25 and set User Defined Qty to "No".

bundle selection

Then, you can set your existing product's Visibility to "not visible individually".


Now, selling your new bundle product will decrement your existing product's qty by 25.

  • Thanks Tim! I looked all through bundled product, but missed the Defaulty Qty setting. – Steve Downey Oct 26 '17 at 12:56

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