We have a very strange issue using Magento

After uploading an image using the image uploader both for CMS Pages and Product we see that the image size increase 3-times.

The image we are uploading in our disk is 100kb after uploading through magento file uploader it becomes 300kb

Even with images already loaded all of them have been increased. It's weird.

We can't figure out the problem since in magento backend there is no setting for the image quality or image compression.


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It looks like an issue related to Magento, you have to modify the code or upload the images directly to the server without WYSIWYG editor.

Someone say it can be disabled with the new SUPEE-9767 patch.

"The image processing that was added in SUPEE-9767 patch is now optional. You may disable it by setting the config general/reprocess_images/active to 0 programmatically, but not via the Admin panel. Although, once you change it the image exploit will appear again."


I have made this change in: core/Mage/Core/Model/File/Validator/Image.php


  imagejpeg($img, $filePath, 100);


  imagejpeg($img, $filePath);

and jpg loaded via wysiwyg editor retain their initial file size.

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