Website receiving the customers with emails, names, and addresses contains only strings of numerical values followed by the @qq.com/@843145.com domain.

We have received every day more than 10 customers and newsletters subscription. See below screenshots. enter image description here

Please suggest how to avoid these type of issue?

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    Captcha is the best solution for this issue. – Prince Patel Oct 24 '17 at 6:40

You can use Captcha in your website forms.

Magento provides native captcha for:

  • Customer Registration
  • Customer Login
  • Customer Forgot Password
  • Checkout as Guest
  • Register during Checkout
  • Contact Form

You can easily enable captcha from Stores > Configuration > Customers (Customer Configuration) > Captcha section.

Apart from that, you can find extensions if you want to use Google ReCaptcha on your website.

Below are some extension links:

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