I have imported more than 250000 of products for two stores. I am trying to indexing those products but it is taking long time through SSH.Indexing Taking so much time and then after indexer lock. If I reset indexing using below command , then also not working.

php -f magento indexer:reset

Is there is any way that i can perform indexing on those products ?

Magento 2.1.8


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Facing the same issue right now with version 2.2.1. There is a fix for 2.1.8 that makes the indexer quite faster in this github issue #10531. Yet to try this on 2.2.1, I'll update you once I try it out. Note that the issue is closed but does not seem to be fixed. I just now finished indexing the catalog_product_price index and it took an insane 43h57m for ~350K products.

As mentioned in the previous link by @ashuston, you can change the return value to false for the method isRangingNeeded() in the Catalog/Model/Indexer/Category/Product/AbstractAction class. That should make the indexing process faster but still pretty long.

Now, to answer your question, here are the steps to run the indexers :

php ./bin/magento indexer:status - will tell you what indexers need to be ran php ./bin/magento indexer:info - find the names of the indexers (catalog_product_category) php ./bin/magento indexer:reindex name_of_the_index - will run only the specified index. If no index name is specified it will reindex all (might take a while...)

So far this is the only way to manually run indexers on Magento 2. The other way consists of creating cron jobs and running them on a schedule.

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