I am trying to force a category of products to sort by position in Magento I have assigned the position to each product in the category but I notice there is no position option - only by Best Value, Name, and Price (see image below).

Can anyone please advise a fix?

enter image description here


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Best Value is the same thing as Position - I'm not certain on why they decided to call it two different things, but they are related.

Position is the numbering order you set where 0 is the "best value" and higher than that will come after.

So if you want products A B C D to show up in a specific order, you would order them 2 4 1 3 to rearrange them as B D A C - then select best value in the sorting options.

You can also set the option to name and they will sort alphabetically, or price and they will sort by lowest to highest price.

You can set this globally in the System > Configuration > Catalog > Catalog > Frontend area

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    – Steven J
    Apr 17, 2018 at 16:07
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    I guess the dowvote was before your edits ;)
    – sv3n
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  • My previous answer was a bit too simple. Hopefully, the edit gives a better explanation.
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    Yes it does, but the example is not sooo good - for alphabetic order you can sort by "Name" :P
    – sv3n
    Apr 17, 2018 at 16:47
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    @Gem Are the other products left blank in this position field? In Magento's eyes, Blank = 0. Zero is greater than 1, so Magento puts those products ahead of any other ordering being done.
    – Steven J
    Nov 21, 2019 at 14:35

I wanted to thank you for this post and I wanted to add to it for the next step in setting the product's position.

Once you have gone through the steps above, then you will want to:

  1. Navigate (in the CMS) to Catalog> Manage Categories> and choose your store view.
  2. Pick your product's category and navigate to it's folder.
  3. Select that folder
  4. In that category's folder, on the Tab-strip menu, select "Category Products"
  5. On the far right hand side, underneath the Reset Filter and Search button you will find the "Position" column.
  6. Here you can assign your product listing position for that category's product menu. Remember that in Magento 0 is first position, number 1 is second and so on.
  7. Once your menu list order is assigned, "Save Category".
  8. Reindex
  9. Flush Cashe
  10. Your product, it should be in the order you assigned it.

Cheers and Happy Magentoing!

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