We have an issue with using New From Date as filter in product grid

Steps - on admin go to products > catalog - in columns make sure you have 'set product as new from date' selected - in filters apply a date range in new from date - click into a product and save and close

expected result: - inputted data in filter fields remains the same

actual result: - inputted data in date fields changes to one in the past, though the results seem to be correct.

enter image description here Not sure if this is a M2 bug, has anyone experienced it or try to replicate?


So it seems there is a problem with this function

dateFormat = this.shiftedValue() ? this.outputDateFormat : this.inputDateFormat;

     * Prepares and sets date/time value that will be displayed
     * in the input field.
     * @param {String} value
    onValueChange: function (value) {
        var dateFormat,

        if (value) {
            if (this.options.showsTime) {
                shiftedValue = moment.tz(value, 'UTC').tz(this.storeTimeZone);
            } else {
                dateFormat = this.shiftedValue() ? this.outputDateFormat : this.inputDateFormat;

                shiftedValue = moment(value, dateFormat);

            shiftedValue = shiftedValue.format(this.pickerDateTimeFormat);
        } else {
            shiftedValue = '';

        if (shiftedValue !== this.shiftedValue()) {

seems it's not able to retrieve the shiftedValue so it uses this.inputDateFormat (YYYY-MM-DD) instead of this.outoutDateFormat (MM/DD/YYYY)

replacing it as

dateFormat = this.shiftedValue() ? this.outputDateFormat : this.outputDateFormat;


Any idea to fix properly the bug?

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this workaround in date.js fixed our case

var dateRegexp='(0[1-9]|1[012])[- \\/.](0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])[- \\/.](19|20)\\d\\d';`

if (value.match(dateRegexp)){

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