So I have been building an extension to allow me to insert images into the textarea block of blocks and pages with custom styles. I call the MediabrowserUtility and am able to get a long funky url into a hidden input box, but this url doesn't work on the frontend and seems like I need a dynamic url in the form of {{media url="wysiwyg/banner_image"}}

Here is my js code:

/* my_js.phtml */
    $sourceUrl = $block->getUrl('cms/wysiwyg_images/index',
    ['target_element_id' => 'tce-image-chooser', 'type' => 'file']);
    $mediafn = 'MediabrowserUtility.openDialog(\'' . $sourceUrl . '\', 0, 0, \'MediaBrowser\', {});';
require(['jquery'], function ($) {
    let openGallery = () => { <?= $mediafn ?> };

    let listener = null;

    $('#insert_image').click(evt => {

        let image_selector = $('#tce-image-chooser')[0];
        let initVal = image_selector.value = 'tce-empty';

        listener = setInterval(() => {
            if(image_selector.value !== initVal) {
                let url = image_selector.value;
                /* Do something with url */
        }, 250);

So currently the url I get is of the form: https://domain.com/admin/cms/wysiwyg/directive/___directive/e3ttZWRpYSB1cmw9Ind5c2l3eWcvS2FmZmViX25uZXIucG5nIn19/key/a9b2feeed684ea00c0f02365f97a01627a14e7c2a6fa603a76e48b616a2e9bfa/ but I need it to be a dynamic url such as {{media url="wysiwyg/banner_image"}}

Any help or ideas will greatly be appreciated.


So after searching with slightly different keywords I found a solution from what someone mentioned.

Here is the code to go from the long url to the dynamic url:

    function urlToMageCode(url) {
        var parts = url.split('/');
        var key = parts.indexOf('___directive');
        if (key < 0) return false;
        let clean = parts[key+1].replace(/(%.*)$/, '');
        return atob(clean);
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