I am trying to check if two conditions are true in the Magento category view file. Specifically if parent id = 1 and if category name = Nike.

Can someone please suggest how I can update the code below to get this working?

<?php if ($_category->getParentCategory()->getId() == 1) && ($_category->getName() == 'Nike'): ?>
    <p>Then show this</p> 
<?php endif; ?>
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    Please don't use this kind of fix. Create an attribute of category and on that attribute apply condition which show and hide your div or functionality. Oct 17, 2017 at 9:40

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Your if condition syntax is wrong. You use

if ($_category->getParentCategory()->getId() == 1) && ($_category->getName() == 'Nike'):

In this code, your if statement parenthesis ends before && operator.

The correct syntax is :

if ($_category->getParentCategory()->getId() == 1 && $_category->getName() == 'Nike'):

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