I don't understand why but in many topics I see that to get and admin route url with secure key and parameter I only need to use :

$this->urlBuilder->getUrl('adminhtml/myroutename/mycontroller/myaction', array('myparam' => 'myvalue'))

and urlBuilder I a Magento\Framework\UrlInterface object.

But in front, I get this URL: http://mysite.lan/adminhtml/myroutename/mycontroller/myparam/myvalue/

And if I remove the adminhtml I get this URL: http://mysite.lan/myroutename/mycontroller/myaction/myparam/myvalue/

So how can I create a correct admin URL with the key and the params?

  • Where you use $this->urlBuilder(), In frontend or admin? – Prince Patel Oct 16 '17 at 13:22

If you are in an admin controller, you can just get the URL from the context (which is injected in the constructor):

$url = $this->context->getUrl();

$myUrl = $url->getUrl('adminhtml/myroutename/mycontroller/myaction', array('myparam' => 'myvalue'));

/This change with remove bracket/

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