I have a Magento CE 2.1.4 website, with 2 store views with 2 different domains.

The “Add Store Code to Urls” in Stores > Configuration > General > Web > URL options is set to DISABLED since I'm using different domain names for the 2 stores.

I have a product that is shared between the 2 stores but has slight details differences that are set the store view scope. On Default Store, the Product Display Page (PDP) works properly from the category link, and from the direct product URL without the category path. On the secondary store, the PDP works fine with the category path, but I get a 404 error when accessing the page without the category paths.

NOTE: * The problem also exists in 2.1.9 (dev site) * Setting the product to use a unique URL key at the secondary store view scope also didn't solve the problem.

Has anyone else run into this issue, and have a resolution? Thanks in advance for your help?

Test results done on Magento 2.1.9: Default Store: OK >>> https://m2dev.specialized.net/12v-erv-unit-solarpulse-erv-12v-solar-charger-maintainer-6-watt.html

Even after setting URL to be unique at the secondary Store Scope: 404 ERROR >>> https://m2dev.pulsetech.net/12v-erv-unit-solarpulse-erv-12v-solar-charger-maintainer-6-watt-test.html

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