I added a second domain to my web server. I had my hosting company assist with postfix configuration. Since then I am able to send email from the command line using php:

php -r 'mail("destination@mycompany.tld", "Test Subject", "Test Message", "-f sales@secondarywebsite.tld");'

When I use the above to send email to either Outlook and Gmail, everything is perfect, so long as I include the "-f sales@secondarywebsite.tld". Email from Magento, on the other hand, shows me the email is "sent by/via" sales=secondarywebsite.tld@mainwebsite.tld.

Since as far as I know Magento is using the php mail command, why am I not getting the correct from address? What can I do to fix this? This seems like it would be a very common problem to have, I would think there is some sort of setting in Magento I'm missing.


I take it from the lack of response this probably isn't possible to do with standalone Magento.

In order to send from the correct domain, I made a plugin using this WebKul tutorial as suggested in a similar question.

The complete module goes a bit beyond the tutorial by creating a settings page in Magento where you can enter smtp info.

enter image description here

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