Just out of curiosity. Is it possible hiding technology usage from website profiler, e.g: w3techs.com or builtwith.com? Information to be hidden such as Content Management System, Server Side Programming Language, Web Server. If possible, any negative influences? Thank you.



To hide this, you have to change the standard behaviour of the plattform.

For magento e.g. you have to hide the js/varien/js.js (and all the other files)

You have to hide the images are loaded from /media, the assets are from /skin/frontend/package/theme/....

So I don'T think it is worth the time, to hide things.


Maybe you can trick the crawler, add a wp-admin/wp-login.php (?), or any other Typo3, Joomla, etc. typical content.

  • Thanks Fabian for the idea. I added those things but still failed to trick the crawler. I doubt there is a way to achieve this. – Leongelis May 11 '14 at 13:54

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