remove this menu from my top navbar. but i couldn't find where from its working.

check attached image nav menu in home page

when i check category there this nav menu not showing there category page in from admin panel

is it locate from different source ?? where from i edit the menu link


From the looks of it you're using the buyshop theme so I'll base my answer on that. In the app/design/default/buyshop/layout/local.xml file around line 110 you should find the following blocks

<block type="buyshopconfig/navigationcustom" name="buyshop.advmenu" as="advMenu" template="page/html/topmenu.phtml"/>
<block type="buyshopconfig/navigationcustom" name="buyshop.advmenu.amazing" as="advMenuamazing" template="page/html/topmenu_amazing.phtml"/>
<block type="buyshopconfig/navigationcustom" name="buyshop.collapsedmenu" as="collapsed_menu" template="page/html/collapsed_menu.phtml"/>

These are the menus used in the template. To remove them either comment them out or use the <remove> tag.

For removing specific items check under System > Configuration > Buyshop > Layout > Navigation

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